Commercial Appointments

Hail911 guarantees exclusive commercial appointments. Every lead provided by Hail911 is verified by our quality assurance team. We provide the strongest return on investment in the industry, and go above and beyond to help you grow your business. Our commercial agents are trained to build value and urgency into each call.

Residential Appointments

As with our Commercial Services, Hail 911 guarantees exclusive appointments. Every lead provided by Hail 911 is 100% verified. Knowing that Hail 911 has the strongest return on investment in the Industry will give you the confidence you need to grow your business. We build value and urgency into each call. Partner with America’s #1 storm restoration call center since 1998, TODAY!


Lead Generation

Hail911 differs from other call centers in that we train our agents to educate the homeowner, taking the time to explain the benefits of meeting with your company. Instead of pushing the inspection itself, our agents shift the focus to your company’s strengths, building value into each appointment.

Why Choose Hail 911 ?

Over $200K in Claims for EVERY 10K INVESTED!
Exclusive Appointments
Have your team meeting with Homeowners while your competition is handing out flyers
Verified Appointments
All appointments verified by our Quality Assurance team.
Residential & Commercial
Hail911 has provided qualified residential and commercial leads since 1998.
Strongest ROI
Hail 911 has THE Strongest Return on Investment in the Industry. Book and Secure Your Appointments NOW.

We are proud to have our

call centers based in the United States!

Hail 911 strives for customer satisfaction and retention

The leading provider of exclusive storm appointments since 1998
Reach out to specific storm areas
Educate the consumer on the claim process
Quality assurance department will verify 100% of leads
Leads are 100% guaranteed, even same day appointments available
Work with your business to customize a campaign for you

State-of-the-Art Call Center

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